Bierce 4-In-1 Ink Metal Pen – AMP284

ASI: 553240790

$1.25 - $3.66

Offer a convenient way to organize copy and use technology all with the same tool! The Bierce 4-in-1 ink metal pen allows you to switch from a ballpoint tip to a stylus option. The stylus will glide smoothly over devices to provide precise, fingerprint-free control on screens. This item can facilitate your daily life and release you from the trouble of carrying multiple pens with different colors. The ballpoint pen features black, red, blue and green ink and gives you a nice, solid, smooth line for general writing. This pen also makes a great giveaway - just take advantage of our imprinting process to put your logo and brand name into the hands of your customers!
Material: Metal, Imprint Method: Printed, Unimprinted, Production Time: 10 business days Categories: , ,